Nate Sales Network

+1 (971) 238-NATE ยท

AS34553 is a research and educational network used for personal research projects and experimentation. It is a global, dual-stack anycast network. The purpose is to provide a platform for education and research for the development and creation of open, democratic, and resilient networks.

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AS34553 has an open peering policy and would be happy to peer at one of our mutual exchanges. Consult PeeringDB for the list of IXPs.

All network prefixes are IRRDB documented in RIPE or ALTDB. All IPv6 networks are RPKI valid, though to AMPRNet limitations the IPv4 network is not RPKI signed.


PeeringDB BGP

AS34553 announces the following prefixes:

Please note that not all networks are aycast and some may only be announced at a single PoP. Amateur Radio Digital Communications
2a09:11c0:130::/48 Nathan Sales Anycast
2a09:11c0:131::/48 Nathan Sales Portland
2a09:11c0:132::/48 Nathan Sales Ashburn
2a09:11c0:133::/48 Nathan Sales Switzerland
2a09:11c0:134::/48 Nathan Sales Fremont
2a0e:b107:280::/44 Nathan Sales
2a0e:8f00:fe00::/39 Nathan Sales