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AS34553 is the primary network operated by Nate Sales for the purpose of supporting the development of education, research, open source, and amateur radio related projects. If you're looking for infrastructure or other services for your project, feel free to reach out.

The network is separated into 2 logical sections, the core and the CDN. CDN routes (AS34553:RS-CDN) are announced anycast at all PoPs and IXPs, and core routes (AS34553:RS-CORE and AS34553:RS-UNICAST) are local to a specific PoP and it's directly connected IXPs. CDN routes are announced into the core but not the other way around. Core PoPs have an open peering policy and CDN-only PoPs have a selective peering policy. All ASNs in the cone that may be announced at any AS34553 PoP are contained in AS34553:AS-ALL.

Route Sets

Peering details at a glance


All prefixes except for AMPRNet space are RPKI signed. AMPRNet is legacy space and cannot be signed at the present time. RPKI invalids are unconditionally rejected on all sessions.

IRR and Max Prefix Limits

All originated prefixes have route objects in place. route-set and as-set objects are in the RIPE database. route objects are either in RIPE, ARIN, or ALTDB depending on the prefix. Max prefix limits are built from PeeringDB. Upstream sessions are limited to 1M IPv4 and 100K IPv6 routes. If a peer trips the max prefix limit their session will be forced down. IRR filters and max prefix limits are updated automatically every 24 hours.

Bogon and prefix length filtering

Bogon prefixes, paths containing a bogon ASN, and prefixes larger than /8 or /12 (IPv4) or smaller than /24 and /48 (IPv6) are rejected.


AS34553 is a dual-stack network and IPv6 is fully supported in all locations.

Additional standards

Graceful shutdown is enabled on all sessions. MD5 authentication is supported but not required.

Null routing

RTNR (Remotely Triggered Null Route) enabled sessions with specific routes (/32 IPv4 or /128 IPv6) tagged with community 34553,666 will mark the route to be null routed. This community is not enabled by default.

Communities (AS34553:RS-CORE and AS34553:RS-UNICAST)

Informational Community Description
34553,101 Originated
34553,102 Learned from upstream
34553,103 Learned from peer
34553,104 Learned from downstream
34553,110 CDN Originated
34553,201 Learned/announced in Fremont, CA
34553,202 Learned/announced in Portland, OR

Actionable Community Description
34553,301 No export to core (region only)
34553,999 Null route (Disabled by default)
34553,401 Prepend once
34553,402 Prepend twice
34553,403 Prepend 3 times

AS34533 powers the the following projects:

delivr CDN is a work in progress CDN platform for students, nonprofits, amateur radio operators, and the open source community.

AS34553 operates the anycast backbone of and manages the global network of DNS edge nodes.

Amateur Radio Internet Exchange

ARIX is an experimental internet exchange point for licensed amateur radio operators for the use of networking research, development, and education.

AS34553 provides web, email, DNS, and VM service for ARIX

FOSSHOST is a recognized and not-for-profit provider of free to use and accessible cloud-hosting services to the free and open source software community.

AS34553 works with fosshost for DNS and mirror hosting resources and provides anycast networking services to power the fosshost CDN.