AS34553 has an open peering policy and would be happy to peer with all networks. AS34553 peers with IX route servers and applies prefix-limits, IRR, and RPKI validation on all sessions.


All prefixes except for AMPRNet space are RPKI valid. AMPRNet is legacy space and cannot be signed at the present time.


All prefixes are IRR documented in their respective RIR's IRR databases. AMPRNet prefixes are IRR documented in ALTDB.


AS34553 is a dual-stack network and IPv6 is fully supported in all locations.

IX Connections

IX IPv4 IPv6 Port RS Peer
FCIX 2001:504:91::77 10G
Unmetered Exchange 2602:ffb1:200::192:34:27:16 10G

Private Peering Facilities

Facility Address Accepted Port Speeds
Harbour Centre 555 West Hastings St. Vancouver, BC 1G
Hurricane Electric FMT2 48233 Warm Springs Blvd. Fremont, CA 1G, 10G